Art by the Bay Festival is excited to be bringing performing artist Sheila Raye Charles to perform at the event -- Friday only! -  along with other live music from regional bands and musicians. 

Charles will be performing with Dan Dunn, a well-known improvisational speed painter and creator of Paintjam.

Sheila Raye Charles:
As a talented singer/songwriter, she has found her voice in acoustic jazz and R & B with lyrics that deliver the personal journey of her own life and her relationship with her legendary father, Ray Charles.

At age 19, with great courage, she defied her father’s wishes and pursued music.  Demonstrating her commitment and her talent, her father actually brought her and her band into his studio and personally produced several songs.

Through a series of life changing events, her music career waned as she gathered a lifetime of experiences which, today, give great meaning and countenance to her music.

Today, Charles is called upon to provide skin tingling renditions of her father’s best known songs from America the Beautiful to Hit The Road Jack to Georgia from jazz festivals to embassy parties to clubs and places of worship.  As an entertaining and engaging vocalist, Charles is able to inspire her audiences with stories of her life challenges of drug addiction and recovery, of her spiritual journey and personal growth, while at the same time delivering meaty, life giving music.

With the publication of her life story, Behind the Shades, Charles provides insight into her life and her path to God.

Dan Dunn:
Performing artist Dan Dunn will appear onstage with Sheila Raye Charles. While she sings, Dan will paint a picture on a large spinning wheel, and when he's finished, Dan stops the wheel to reveal an incredible painting of Ray Charles. The finished painting will be up for auction, providing support for local scholarships.

For more information on Sheila Raye Charles' career, visit her website. For more information on Paintjam and performing artist Dan Dunn, visit


It's important to note that both performers are scheduled with the knowledge that sufficient sponsorships for Art by the Bay Festival must first be secured for expenses.